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Jakub Redziniak
NYC Wedding Photograper
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At the age of eight I attended a wedding with my parents. My father was photographing it for a close family friend and I was his second shooter. We shot roll after roll of film. I found it fascinating; taking a photograph and not knowing what it will look like until developed.
Photography has always been a passion of mine. It was one of those things I could spend countless hours doing; a form of meditation I became lost in. As I matured so did my style; honed and refined over the years to parallel the Vogue standard.
Weddings are splendorous occasions; a photographer’s utopia. Every element of the day comes together so perfectly, making it an absolute dream to photograph. Images are captivating to the eye which we capture with the perfect blend of a bold modern aesthetic and a classic timelessness.
Simple, elegant, and unforgettable.
Together we create statement pieces you will be proud to showcase in your home and to your loved ones, whether that is in a bespoke wedding album or set of larger art pieces for your living room walls.
My camera has taken me all around the world from Barcelona, Paris, Italy’s Amalfi Coast and Rome, Ireland, Canada, Poland, and Mexico to name a few, not mentioning nearly half the United States. I’ve captured stunning editorials in Iceland, Brazil, and the most picturesque destination wedding in Santorini, Greece. Every new destination enriches my desire for creative pursuits and I certainly do not hide my excitement when new travel opportunities arise.
New York City based, passport ready.


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“You never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” – Theodor Geisel