Blair and Andy’s Coney Island Engagement Session


couple walks under clear umbrella in the rain by Luna Park in Brooklyn

The day started off rainy and uncertain but it seemed to have stopped and the sky looked to have cleared up a few hours before Blair and Andy’s scheduled Coney Island Engagement Session…so naturally we did not think to reschedule. A good hour long trip for both of us to Brooklyn’s iconic Coney Island made us realize this area has a forecast of its own and when we arrived it was still raining. Luckily this only lasted only about the first 15 minutes of the session and gave Blair and Andy a good excuse to use an umbrella as a prop in some of their engagement session photos.


guy and his fiance stand under see through umbrella on the boardwalk in coney island on a rainy day

engaged couple walk with trees and bushes in the foreground

Personally I’m never afraid of shooting in the rain and I think it creates a very unique atmosphere that is much different than the majority of engagement sessions I photograph. The camera equipment I use is able to withstand even torrential downpours so as long as the couple I am working with is up for an adventure and comfortable I see it as a positive thing!

classic photo of couple standing on the coney island boardwalk after it rained with birds flying in the background

couple walking along coney island boardwalk after the rain with parachute jump needle in the background

engaged couple looking at each other passionately touching foreheads together with beach and benches in the background at coney island

engaged couple running with a yellow wall as a backdrop in coney island brooklyn

As is usually the case when the weather isn’t the best, the biggest benefit from a photography perspective is that we get these beautiful areas practically all to ourselves. Just look at how deserted the Coney Island boardwalk was!

guy and girl look at each other during their coney island engagement session with beach in the background

Walking around the Coney Island boardwalk we got a ton of great shots. We used different backdrops along the boardwalk and then made our way over to the beach, Blair and Andy walked along the ocean shore as well as along and under the pier.

coney island engagement session with ferris wheel in the background

guy and girl hold each other on wet pier in coney island brooklyn

guy and girl standing on the edge of the pier with the ocean in the background at their coney island engagement session

guy and girl standing under roof at the beach in coney island

Overall we were all extremely happy with the results and the rainy weather was a really a blessing as we had beautiful even lighting (no squinting or harsh shadows under the chin like with harsh sunlight!) and we practically had the whole place to ourselves (yay no need to photoshop out people in the background!)

guy and girl holding hands walking on the sand at coney island on the beach

couple holding hands and walking on the beach by the shore with rocks and the ocean in the background

Does a Coney Island Engagement Session sound like the perfect location for your session? Or would you like to consider some other locations for engagement sessions in New York City? For a full list and map of the best engagement session locations in NYC fill in your email below and I’ll send you that resource that took me years to put together!

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couple sitting on rocks on the beach at coney island

guy picks up and spins girl around under the pier on the beach

guy and girl holding and kissing each other under the pier on coney island beach

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