About the Photographer

At the age of eight I attended a wedding with my parents. My father was photographing it for a close family friend and I was his second shooter. We shot roll after roll of film. I found it fascinating; taking a photograph and not knowing what it will look like until developed.

Photography has always been a passion of mine. It was one of those things I could spend countless hours doing; a form of meditation I became lost in. As I matured so did my style; honed and refined over the years to parallel the Vogue standard.

Jakub Redziniak Personal Branding Session
Jakub Redziniak Personal Branding Session

A Passionate Team

Everyone on my carefully curated team shares the same passion which means you are in the best hands possible.

Our style is sophisticated and timeless; we’re experts at guiding you through poses for those awe-inspiring images you see throughout the portfolio and creating situations in which beautiful candid moments are more likely to happen.

Our Approach

We’re story tellers, but we’re also directors of the day and our couples love us for that. We blend in whenever possible, but we also take charge when we need to. We are uniquely talented and ready to make your story unforgettable, but that only works when you realize we’re in this together. Forging a relationship on the pillars of trust and sharing the same passion for creating something beautiful is the most important thing we ask of our couples – once we have that, everything else falls into place. It’s because of this approach we can promise you that wedding photography is one thing you will not have to stress about on your wedding day.

Together we create statement pieces you will be proud to showcase in your home and to your loved ones, whether that is in a bespoke wedding album or set of larger art pieces for your living room walls which will last generations.

George Nemira Album Photo

We Go The Distance

We’ve photographed hundreds of weddings from small intimate elopements to splendorous affairs in NYC’s finest wedding venues.

Travel is a life passion of mine just as much as photography is and every time I board a plane I’m reminded how grateful I am to have found a way for it to cross over into my career.

Some of the work I am proudest of is that from stunning destinations around the world including Iceland, Dubai, Singapore, Thailand, Barbados, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, and the amazing Santorini, Greece. Every new destination enriches my desire for creative pursuits and I certainly do not hide my excitement when new travel opportunities arise.

New York City based, passport ready.

Client Testimonials

“I’m just trying to figure out how I can get married every month for the next 100 years so I can work with him in perpetuity.”
nyc south street seaport wedding session
Chelsea & Marius
“This was more than we could have ever expected! You were the easiest choice that we made for our entire wedding. It was absolutely incredible...from start to finish [the experience] was flawless.”
Elizabeth & Piotr
"Our experience with Jakub was amazing, start to finish. He was detail-oriented but laid-back, friendly and easy to work with, and the photos came out UNBELIEVABLY beautifully....He travels, so, no matter where you are, give him a call!"
Rachel & Andrew
"Seriously a great photographer. So easy to work with, thoughtful, creative, and talented. We were so pleased with our wedding photos. The poses he arranged us in look amazing, even if at the time you are not sure, just trust him!"
Wedding at Picnic House in Prospect Park NYC
Sara & Paul

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